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Posted by AlexQ at Aug 28, 2021, 4:04:02 PM
Re: Texture turned out different from Texture applied to cabinet.
Hi Hansmex,

I think I roughly understand how to re-size the texture image to fit the door of a cabinet as I discovered that the pixels can be converted to mm. So, I will continue to experiment.

Please help me to take a look at my attached model. It's created to highlight my problem.

Hope you can see my model as I'm still not conversant with it here.

I have chosen color - white (RALL code code: 9010) for all the inner walls of the room. Please note why is the color of 3 walls greyish? whilst only one wall is appearing as white color?

I must have done something incorrectly. But sorry, I couldn't figure out.

Also, I'm not sure if this type of problem will distort wood texture colors.

Appreciate your help on this latest issue. Thank you and have a good weekend.