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Posted by AlexQ at Aug 19, 2021, 4:47:26 PM
Re: Texture turned out different from Texture applied to cabinet.
Hi Puybaret,

Thanks for your reply regarding modifying furnitures

Instead of learning how to modify a 3D Model of a cabinet which will take me months. I look for an easier way out.

I found a 3D Model of a cabinet which fits my requirement. The cabinet called "UpperCabinet" is displayed in SH3D and you can access from the link below:


When I change the texture from the original American_oak to wood texture #5 (i.e. wood 5). The color turns out different. If you look at the left or right side of the object, the wood pattern is distorted...even for the front view...the difference is quite stark!

Appreciate your guide on this. Thank you

Alex Quek