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Posted by LunaCrescent at Jun 3, 2021, 3:02:59 PM
Re: Furniture Library Editor released
Hello and thanks for your help!

The main program is working fine for me (as do other programs like Blender, Sims 2 and such) it's just this one with a problem. I checked out the link to the bug and tried some things uninstalled java completely, restarted and reinstalled but that didn't change anything.
I also checked the permissions for those files and the folder everything is in and I have full access to everything (just saying since win10 loves to make problems there).
I can't find any of the things mentioned there (or by you) on my computer I checked the task processes and tried turning everything off that could be it but still no change
I have a Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 and Realtek High Definition Audio (Realtek HD Audio-Manager) and NVIDIA DDS Utilities.
I'm not sure what else to try, if it were the main programm I could use compability mode but with a java app I can't select anything like that.

I also just realized this only happens with a library being open.
-If the program is just started everything is fine.
-If I add one or more objects its' fine.
-If I save those objects into a library the problem is back. Don't even have to reopen it, just saving it as a library breaks the program. (I also tried with unchanged libraries that I downloaded like Scopia, Klicker and Archibit giving the same problem)

The link how to edit the raw text is very useful and at least a backup method if I can't get this to run again thanks for that!