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Posted by LunaCrescent at May 30, 2021, 12:40:39 PM
Re: Furniture Library Editor released
I have a problem with the editor, it's like it's stuck or something whenever I change anything so if I choose a different language or try to adjust the column width the top and the toolbar will be stuck. The actual rows will change with scrolling to the new view but I can't change the top with anything, I tried resizing the window and minimizing/maximizing (that just ended me up with all being black)

This is how it looks, you can see where I haven't scrolled yet (starting at line 13)

I have win 10, 64-bit, latest java update and latest version of this 1,27 although the older versions show the same problem. It used to work fine for me about a year ago (I didn't need it again till now)

Is this a program bug or something on my end?
Also, offtopic, is there any program to edit these furniture libraries in some kind of texteditor, like html with it all being just code?

Thanks in advance!