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Posted by dorin at Apr 23, 2021, 9:32:20 AM
Re: Furniture Library Editor released
Few advises:
1. When you make staircase in real life watch your head!
That's why:

Look at the head of man (184.5cm tall)
Unfortunately I've see this in real life.

M0,0 v0.645 h0.5 v-0.382 h0.5 v-0.258 z

The second:

M0,0 v0.789 h0.5 v-0.532 h0.5 v-0.258 z

2.For a precise cut out you have to make some calculations

- the red lines represent cut out
- to calculate you need to divide the needed dimension to total dimension (vertically or horizontally)
For second cut out to find first v0.789 I do 300/380 and so on.

3. When use Furniture Editor and modify a furniture move the preview a little until the program take a new shoot.
In this way you avoid the dark background.

4. Here is the modified furniture

5. In future you will have to learn how to make round corners.
Good luck cool
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