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Posted by hansmex at Feb 12, 2010 8:09:54 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 2.3

Until v2.3b6 SH3D auto-started the program after downloading. When closing the program you could see an icon on the desktop (see picture).

When double-clicking the icon a small window opened asking whether this was a trusted program. After clicking YES the icon changed to the SH3D icon and you could start the program from the desktop.

Now, in v2.3b7 I get a warning message, but I cannot start the program. I preferred the way this was handled in v6 and older.

The group/ungroup in the pop-up menu is very nice.
The searchable model list works very well, especially because I have many imported models. The fact that it also searches while typing, and the fact that it finds teh search string in the middle of a name is very handy.

The circle with rotation in the 3D preview works correct when in Virtual Visit. In Aerial View only the outer buttons seem to work. It seems the inner buttons don't have a function. Also there is the problem that you cannot zoom in on your scene anymore.

Because I can't start the program now, I can't test-drive it further to see what's going on.