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Posted by enkonyito at Dec 8, 2020, 2:37:34 AM
Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
A magnificent Plugin by all means !
>> I use "CameraBagPlugin" to create hundreds of Cameras Exceeding the 50 Limit, however I must select them one by one in Multi Photo Renderer" select dialogue.

Any chance to add CTRL-A (SELECT ALL) function or
SHIFT-ARROW selection ?

Much appreciated

Maybe in a future version after studying the feasibility.

I was able to add the multiple selection option.

When opening the photos panel, do you prefer?
1- current behavior of the plug-in: 1st point of view selected
2- behavior identical to SH3D: all points of view selected
These will be highlighted.

Selection/deselection using the space key will not be available.
standby before shutdown