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Posted by enkonyito at Dec 2, 2020, 9:38:02 PM
Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
Hi Cecilia,

I wonder if you could give us a short explanation about how the different settings behave:

Direct lighting
Ambient occlusion
Path tracing
Photon mapping

As the YafaRay web site is inaccessible, their team have made their docs available here.

What I can say about the settings I've implemented:
Direct lighting (direct light, hard shadow, equivalent to SunFlow diffusedBounces=0)
Ambient occlusion (direct light, less dark shadow with brightness dependent on time of day)
Path tracing (indirect light, editable number of bounces, caustics visible from 3 bounces)
Photon mapping (indirect light, predefined number of bounces, predefined number of photons)
SPPM (indirect light, predefined number of bounces, predefined number of photons, editable number of passes)

I like that you have now increased the sample setting from max 16 to max 100.

The number of samples per pixel for YafaRay ranges from 1 (min) to 1024 (max).

Correspondence with SunFlow:
antiAliasing 0 = 1 sample per pixel
antiAliasing 1 = 4 samples per pixel
antiAliasing 2 = 16 samples per pixel
antiAliasing 3 = 64 samples per pixel
antiAliasing 4 = 256 samples per pixel
antiAliasing 5 = 1024 samples per pixel

When the YafaRay documentation will be updated on their new web site, it may be possible to properly implement caustic photons.

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