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Posted by dorin at Nov 21, 2020, 7:17:50 PM
Re: Shape Generator plug-in
I want to show some tips:
1. Triangular prism

Some explanation:
-On Shape Generator set to pair of points at same coordinate.
In this case I chose 5+8 and 6+7.
-In plan, select the generated shape and open Modify furniture - modify materials.
- As You see in second image there are 5 sides in place of 6

2. Pyramid

-Same procedure but for 4 upper points.

3. Roof part

-Make more and combine in plan.
-I recommend to apply texture AFTER resize the shape (if you need to resize)

And this could be this sample

Hope to be useful to somebody.
PS. Don't believe Emmanuel entirely; He write all codes, I have only the idea and garbage of useless file.
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