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Posted by Puybaret at May 13, 2020, 7:42:26 PM
Re: Issue with door model and sash properties
The moving parts of a door are not specified in the properties of a SHF file, but are detected automatically from their name, as explained here.
From my little experience with SketchUp, naming the nodes isn't easy (or even possible?), and anyway when the parts are organized by subgroups like for your door, renaming the nodes won't work (I'll try to fix that in a future version).

At the moment, the "easiest" solution is to transform your DAE file to OBJ format (using Blender or Sweet Home 3D Import furniture / Export to OBJ), then rename the parts in the OBJ file (using Blender again or with a text editor) with the required prefixes for the hinges and the sash parts. The good thing with Blender is that it's easy to identify those parts, but you'll have to rename each node and its child like in the following screenshot.

With a little patience, you'll get the result you expected!

It's difficult to help you on the texture because I didn't experience any issue on your file.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer