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Posted by JoeSherer4 at May 12, 2020, 8:15:09 PM
Re: Export to HTML5 plug-in

Thank you very much for your reply. However, I tried using the SweetHome3DJSViewer-6.3 but can't get that to do anything for me. I admit I'm lost at Step 4 of the ReadMe instructions. And not optimistic that I can do Steps 5 and 6 either.

4. Edit the "SweetHome3DJSViewer.html" or "SweetHome3DJSViewerInOverlay.html" file
and replace the "default.sh3d" viewed document by the file name of your SH3D file.
for example, if the URL of your SH3D file is "myhome.sh3d",
you should obtain the following line in "SweetHome3DJSViewer.html":
var homeUrl = "myhome.sh3d";
and the following line in "SweetHome3DJSViewerInOverlay.html":
<button onclick='viewHomeInOverlay("myhome.sh3d",

I know Puybaret speaks French and you speak Russian, so I REALLY appreciate staying with my limited English (and limited coding skills). I don't know where/what "you should obtain the following line" means. My model name is Origin1900.sh3d so I tried replacing SweetHome3DJSViewer.html with Origin1900.html. But that's not right, and I have no more ideas what to do. Sorry I am so bad at this, but I really want it to work, and feel I am pretty close.

And when I used your model ( it shows up perfectly with the nice choice of aerial and virtual visitor views, and in a nice clean plain frame, with no SweetHome3D menus or distractions.

Thanks for any ideas, to either get the 3DJSViewer to work or how to convert my .sh3d files/models to web pages like you did.