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Posted by azgooon at May 12, 2020, 12:01:54 PM
Issue with door model and sash properties

Before I start, I wanted to thanks all who contributed to this awesome project and made Sweet Home 3d, plugins, models, etc. best package you can possibly have to design your home and surroundings!

In my project, I was looking to add single internal doors where I could apply different textures to the frame, hinges and door panel itself, also wanted flat the door to have flat surface. These constraints eliminated all of the objects from the catalog and so I decided to experiment in sketchup and create my own model. The model is ready ( but even though I maintained the same dimensions as here I am not successful with applying sash properties. I have gone through countless posts on the forum and did try different tips and solutions but nothing helped yet. Problem is that with my model and additional properties I don't even get a button displaying the model and allowing to change the angle of the opening.

In short, what I have tried is:

- 3d warehouse, download my model as collada file
- furniture editor import model set that its a door, save
- edit properties file and modify content to:
name#4=Internal door
category#4=Doors and windows
icon#4=/Internal door.png
model#4=/Internal door/Internal%20door.obj
creator#4=Tom Sobesto

- restart sweet home 3d and I can see that Internal door element appeared but in properties, there is no "modify openings" button.
The other weird thing is that when I apply textures within sweet home 3d, I do have to apply 2000% scale to make them look normal. This makes me think that perhaps issue is somewhere around sash values not even being near actual dimensions of the model and therefore application ignores them? I have uploaded my model downloaded from 3d warehouse and I would really appreciate if someone could have a look and see what

I've done wrong. as I mentioned, I've looked at


but I cannot figure out the problem by myself.

Thanks in advance.