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Posted by T3NZ3N at Apr 21, 2020, 7:08:05 PM
Re: Furniture Library Editor released
For anyone Interested in making this work in the Portable Version:

1. Download JavaPortable8 and install it into your SH3D Portable Directory, into a new folder called "Common"Files", which will create a directory structure that looks like this: (My Program Location Directory)/SweetHome3D-6.3-portable/Common"Files/Java

2. Download JavaPortableLauncher and install it in the SH3D Portable Directory, so it looks like this: (My Program Location Directory)/SweetHome3D-6.3-portable/JavaPortableLauncher

Note: So wherever the JavaPortableLauncher is located, there needs to be a folder int eh same directory named "CommonFiles" and inside that a Folder named "Java", which was created when you installed JavaPortable8

3. Put FurnitureLibraryEditor-1.25.jar into the same Portable6.3 folder

4. Right-click FurnitureLibraryEditor-1.25.jar, select "Open With" > Always use this program to open this file type > Choose another program > Browse to the JavaPortableLauncher.exe file in the JavaPortableLauncher folder > OK

5. Right-click FurnitureLibraryEditor-1.25.jar > Send to > Desktop(create shortcut)

Drag & Drop your shortcut to Quicklaunch, or wherever you want it.

This should now enable you to launch FurnitureLibraryEditor & TexturesLibraryEditor from your Portable Install Folder, which could also be a USB Thumb Drive or something, but can also be anywhere on your Computer.