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Posted by Dir at Mar 18, 2020, 7:33:51 AM
slopingCeilingGuide.pdf doesn't wok in SH3D 6.2
I'm trying to follow the slopingCeilingGuide.pdf guide but it doesn't seem to work with SH3D 6.2. I'm running ubuntu 18.04.

Section 2 - Sloping ceiling

2 - Select the top long wall, then right-click → Split walls to split the wall, then right-click → Modify walls to change the coordinates to 600,0.

When I select the top long wall then right-click and Split walls, the wall gets split into 2 - a left segment and a right segment. But it's the left bit that remains highlighted.
The instruction "...then right-click → Modify walls to change the coordinates to 600,0" is ambiguous. Do I do this to the left segment or the right? I eventually worked out that it must mean the right. It would help if this was clarified to be "... then select the right segment and right-click → ..."

6 - Click the Create rooms button and draw a room from coordinates 5,5 to 600,495.Use Plan → Edit room points
needs to be changed to "Use Plan → Edit points". I assume the menu item got renamed somewhere along the way.

Then it tells me that "This forms the horizontal part of the ceiling." but it doesn't. It forms a floor. The same problem in step 7. There needs to be an extra step added to modify the room and 'Display Ceiling'.

While I understand that a person using this guide is expected to have some amount of experience with SH3D, it would save people a bit of frustration for those that assume that they can follow the exact steps in the tutorial and get the same result. It took me about an hour just to work out why I couldn't get proper results even though I was following it exactly.