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Posted by locofocos at Jan 12, 2020, 5:56:15 AM
Re: 3d View suddenly impossibly slow
I'm running into this slowness, and none of the posted suggestions have fixed it for me. 2 other computers (Windows 10 and Mac) in my house can run this program wonderfully, but on my Windows 10 desktop PC, the 3D views are awful. The "awfulness" seems proportional to the number of 3D objects being shown.

"awful" = There is a delay between panning camera w/ mouse and the 3d view showing it. Also extremely low FPS (about 5 FPS I'd guess).

My system specs:
Windows 10, AMD 1100T processor (pretty fast back in 2011), AMD Radeon R9 200 GPU, 16 GB of ram

My initial installation:
Running version 6.2
Java version 1.8.0_202 - 64 bit (bundled JRE it looks like)
Java 3d version 1.6.1
3d view (virtual visit) is "awful".

I tried the web launch method. Using system java, JRE 1.8.0_144.
> javaws.exe -J-d64
3d view (virtual visit) is "awful".

I reinstalled with command line options for java 3d 1.5.2 and 32 bit.
3d view (virtual visit) is "awful". To experiment around a bit more with my cabin model (which displays fine on another Windows 10 system):
Panning the aerial 3D view is "awful".
Panning the aerial 3D view, but only displaying 1 floor of my cabin (mostly just walls, windows, stairs), is about 30 FPS.
Panning the aerial 3D view, display all floors+furniture of my cabin is about 2 FPS.
Deleting everything in my model and drawing a bare room with 4 walls, panning the aerial 3d view is 60 FPS smooth, no lag (hence my "proportional" comment at the top).

Update system java to java version "1.8.0_231". Run app via jar (java -jar SweetHome3D-6.2.jar)

Running via jar, hiding the 2D view speeds up the 3d view.
Same behavior as "experiment around a bit more with my cabin model" above.

Does anyone have any other things I can try? My system can run 3D games just fine. The other Windows 10 system in my house is using the same versions as my "initial installation" above. Thanks!