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Posted by Xiste at Dec 26, 2019, 2:29:02 PM
Re: Plans for redecoration
I promised to show the rest of my studio, but I'm sorry to say I have not kept that promise. There's an unfortunate reason for that.
An uncertainty about the continuance of my lease has made me delay the redecoration. No use in spending a lot of money and effort if I have to move out.
The owner is hoping an application for a deregulation of the premises will pass, but no decision has been made yet.
If the deregulation is not passed, I can keep my present location.

Shortly before Christmas I was offered an alternative location. Bigger, but with a reduced ceiling height ( only 4 meters, whereas I have 6 meters today).
It was offered as an alternative, in case I have to move out.
It's a two story location. The floor plan of the first floor looks like this.

The second floor is of equal size, but with a different layout.
There's obviously a lot of planning and construction work to be done.
Hopefully I will get to keep my present location. The decision will be made sometime in February.