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Posted by califdon at Nov 25, 2009 1:01:41 AM
Re: Picture objects with untiled texture
Thanks so much for your attention, Emmanuel! I'm having difficulty using Blender, which is why I decided to use ArtOfIllusion a few weeks ago. It does appear that the models that import improperly into SH3D are also incorrect in Blender, though, so that suggests that I'm doing something wrong in ArtOfIllusion, or there's a bug in it. I find the learning curve for Blender requires more time than I am able to spend on it, so far.

Since I don't see how to attach files here, you may use these links to download them:

The computerdesk2 works fine, there is no image mapping, I just wanted you to be able to see that I can create a model.

The rhodespicture works fine NOW, after I discovered that I could manipulate the Scale variables.

The copperplate is my big problem. Perhaps because it is a cylinder on one end of which I want the image to appear.

If you can tell where I'm going wrong, it will be a tremendous help to me.