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Posted by Gildaniel at Nov 1, 2019, 8:03:00 AM
Re: Export to HTML5 plug-in
I quickly tried your script and the JavaScript console reported various errors like an unexpected end of script and a "Can't find variable: viewHomeInOverlay1" error.
I think you should learn how to debug JavaScript code, it's really worth it and it's not so difficult if you're able to program.

Emmanuel, good morning!

Script viewHomeInOverlay1 works after I copypaste in my html full text from viewhome.js. Now it is very comfortable to handle 3d, but all navigation (aerial/virtual, levels) is missing on the page. I'm afraid it would be too complicated for me to learn javascript to correct it.

Can I ask you to add in some new version of html viewer the new mode, opening 3d in a new tab to whole browser window? It would be very usefull both for smartphones and desktop viewing.

Problems with smartphones now:
- too small window of 3d viewer, especially in vertical mode;
- if you ocasionally tap somewhere outside overlay window boundaries - it closes viewer.

Problems with desktops:
- using mouse wheel without Shift button in some browsers scrolls the html page instead of zooming 3d (in aerial mode) or moving through (in virtual visit mode)
- also occasion tapping outside closes overlay.

Yours, Daniel