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Posted by Ceciliabr at Oct 17, 2019, 5:33:16 PM
Re: Off the beating track
What do you mean by transparent textures?

I see what you mean.
I was obviously in too much of a hurry when I replied to VeroniQ.

What is transparent textures?

I will try to explain it here:

Since the original Dog Bay project weighs 2.4Gb, it's to big to share, so I have made a smaller example project.
You ( or anyone else that might be interested) can download the file HERE
This project file is only 386Mb, and can be be a practical starting point for playing around with.

I have created two camera positions, named VIEW 1 & VIEW 2 in the Go to point of view menu.




In the project file, I have left the overlays at the position I chose for my test images.
To work from scratch ( which is always the best), you should resize the overlays, using the numbers of the "Terrain with mountain", and align them top & side.

The "Flat terrain"-group also contains an overlay that can be experimented with.

Changing the time of day, and the colour, angle and intensity of the Overhead light panels can change the mood drastically.


To the best of my knowledge, all models and textures are my own creations (or came with SH3D), so all files can be copied, modified and re-used.