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Posted by Puybaret at Aug 29, 2019, 7:32:00 PM
Re: YafaRay rendering plug-in
Many thanks for your feedback, even if I hoped it would work better under Windows after all the energy I spent on resolving issues. On my side, the plug-in works with the installer of the free version of Sweet Home 3D under Windows 10, but not with the JAR executable version, the Microsoft Store version or under Windows 8.1. I fear that I pushed too far the ability to load DLLs on the fly under that system. I'll study possible other solutions.
Anyway, I fixed the issue encountered by Cecilia (just a missing DLLs for older macOS versions) and released a Beta 2 available here.

About images posted by UbuntuBirdy and ndorigatti, I'm happy you succeeded to run the plug-in but comparing your results with the ones generated with enkonyito plug-in isn't really fair, since I just tried to adjust YafaRay settings to reproduce images generated by the default Photo creation tool of Sweet Home 3D! But surely, even on that side, there must be some remaining bugs.

To Windows users, could you check if the program fails even with an empty home or some available from the File > New from demo menu item? Thanks smile
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer