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Posted by Puybaret at Aug 29, 2019, 12:41:27 AM
YafaRay rendering plug-in

I'm happy to present you the YafaRay Rendering plug-in able to render images with Yafaray engine, thanks to the new Tools > Create photo with YafaRay menu item (see the end of this message for download links).

After the rendering engines performance test made last year, YafaRay library looked like a good candidate to improve the rendering speed at two best quality levels in Sweet Home 3D.
Thus, this plug-in mostly replaces SunFlow engine by YafaRay engine, reusing the same features and look as the existing Create photo dialog box at the moment (both dialog boxes even share the same parameters).
It's able to run under Windows 32 / 64 bit, macOS 64 bit and Linux 32 / 64 bit. Spherical lens was missing in the version 1.0. You'll probably notice also that, compared to SunFlow, the default sky produces a slightly bluer color when a sky texture is not used.

From my tests, this new rendering engine runs twice faster. Not as much faster as the performance test let me hoped, but it's still a good improvement.
From a developer point of view, this plug-in is very close to the existing photo creation tool, with its YafarayPhotoPanel and YafarayRenderer classes close to the PhotoPanel and PhotoRenderer existing classes. This should allow developers (enkonyito?) who know these classes to improve this plug-in if they want, and me to factorize some code in a future version. Parameters available in YafaRay can be quite easily guessed from the XML examples provided in YafaRay downloads. Avoid to touch the native YafarayRenderer.cpp file used as a bridge to YafaRay if you don't know JNI (Java Native Interface), but it shouldn't be necessary.

I'm looking forward to read your feedback about this plug-in smile

Many thanks to David Bluecame from YafaRay team for his help to fix some issues.

Download links for YafaRay Rendering plug-in:
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.4.4 (17 MB) was released on 03/13/2021 to fix shadow lines appearing on flat surfaces, some memory leaks and to support rendering with Sweet Home 3D available in Mac App Store
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.4.3 (17 MB) was released on 01/17/2021 to fix light rays that could appear at ceiling borders
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.4.2 (17 MB) was released on 01/13/2021 to support also Mac OS X 10.9, 10.11 and 10.12
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.4.1 (17 MB) was released on 01/12/2021 with Mac ARM Silicon support
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.4 (16 MB) was released on 11/25/2020 to include YafaRay 3.5.1 and fix crashes under Windows
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.3.2 (21 MB) was released on 7/29/2020 to fix a launch issue on some macOS configurations
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.3.1 (21 MB) was released on 7/22/2020 to fix a launch issue on some macOS configurations
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.3 (21 MB) was released on 6/6/2020 with better handling of low memory issues
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.2 (21 MB) was released on 5/18/2020 with fisheye lens projection fixed and faster rendering launch delay
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.1 (24 MB) was released on 5/8/2020 with additional support for spherical lens
YafaRay Rendering plug-in 1.0 (24 MB) was released on 31/01/2020 after a beta test of a few months
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer