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Posted by enkonyito at Jul 15, 2019, 11:50:47 PM
Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
The JAR runs in 32-bit mode and allows only 0.2 GB of memory, that's not enough to do any serious work.
You can run the JAR file with a script using java options like increasing the memory.
java -Xmx2g -jar path/to/SH3D-6.2_derived.jar

Can you increase the memory allowance, or offer a version that allows the standard installation?
Maintaining a derived version requires a lot more work than a plug-ing because you have to create a new one with every standard Sweet Home 3D update. What I do not plan to do...
I released the version derived from SH3D-6.2 to show the possibilities of the modifications made to the program.

Is there any Help for the Rendering Plugin?
This tutorial explains how the plug-in works for rendering properties.
With PVR-1.7, "default" global illumination is replaced by "Ambient Occlusion" and "path" by "Path Tracing".

And it's common, that it needs several hours for 1600x Pixel?
It depends on your scene (number of lights, activated ceiling lights, shininess of objects, enhancement of external brightness) and rendering settings (number of antialiasing, type of global illumination, type of sampler algorithm).

- comparative global illumination
- additional Sunflow options
- independent ceiling lights
standby before shutdown