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Posted by enkonyito at Jul 15, 2019, 2:47:25 AM
Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
PhotoVideoRendering-1.7 plug-in
- added an ambient lighting slider (simple photo panel)
- fixed a bug in the management of curved lines (video panel)
- fixed a bug in the management of speed values (video panel)
- added other global illumination (rendering properties)
- management of additional Sunflow options
- compatibility with the standard version of SH3D and its derived version

AdditionalSunflowOptions-1.1 plug-in
- Sunflow options to override shaders

SH3D-6.2_derived executable jar
- added an independent ceiling light in each room
- added Fake Ambient Term 2 global illumination
- grouping the actions of a same plug-in in a menu
- other minor enhancements

Enko Nyito
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