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Posted by enkonyito at Jun 8, 2019, 2:53:17 AM
Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
If it's not too much bother, could you please fix it so that the render window is not always on top? Being always on top, it's hiding important pop-ups that need attention.
It's probably not a big operation, since it used to behave like a normal window in earlier versions.

The standard photo panel, like the resizable photo panel, does not prevent other windows from appearing above it.

Since the first version of the plug-in, if you try to open another photo panel, the one that is already open is put in front.
if (currentPhotoPanel == null) {
new AdvancedPhotoPanel(...);
} else {

Since I only use one screen, I did not notice any particular problem.
If you use 2 or more screens, what behavior do you get by displaying the resizable photo panel (full screen or not) in a window other than the plan and trying to open another photo panel?

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