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Posted by AdeleAlli at Mar 3, 2019, 11:18:50 AM
Re: office in green
Hi AdeleAlli, very good renderings and a really nice office environment, as to lighting suggestions, there is a little too much light getting into the cabinet for realism as it should only appear to come from the ceiling lighting, same for the light patch on the right hand wall of the 2nd image. If you use enkonyito's light sources to illuminate the ceiling and room you can achieve good results, just be aware that they do create a shadow line around the room, this can be cancelled out by elevating the down facing source slightly above the up facing source.
I have a feeling Aeowyn will like this room.

Your suggestions are about the second image, right? both the light getting into the cabinet and the light patch on the right hand wall.
The problem is that I used some light sources in order to make visible the objects in the library, because if I do not use any they stay in shadow, I know it is normal but I wanted to make them visible. Anyway I will try to modify the lights and post something later on.
enkonyito's light sources are good and I tried to use them, especially the light panel, but I was not able to use it in the right way. I tried to use it for the ceiling light giving it the dimensions required by that lights but I was not able to understand which was the light direction, I am inexperienced with them, I know.
Maybe enko can give me some suggestions on how to use them in a proper way :).

mmm, who is Aeowyn? :)