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Posted by AdeleAlli at Mar 1, 2019, 8:41:43 PM
Re: office in green
Hi Adele
Your project is impressive. I can see you paid a lot of attention to details. The ceiling lights are cool. From my experience - sconces on the wall are rather difficult to make them look emitting light realistically.
So what exactly you don't like, can you be more specific?
Is that Kallax cabinet? :)


Hi Bart,
thank you.
What I do not like in particular is how light is reflected over some objects, and I think that if I start changing the properties of each object it will be an infinite work to reach a good result, I may try.
Anyway I think that I have many things to learn about the rendering process of sh3d, there is something that I am missing. For example, all the properties in the advanced renderings window are not clear enough for me so usually I did not use them but I think that there is a way to setup better options for rendering.

Anyway, yes it is a Kallax cabinet; I really like its simplicity and I am sure that in my future office I will use it because of its comfort for easily find things and the possibility to decorate it with plants (as in the renderings).