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Posted by TinkyWinky at Feb 28, 2019 5:26:57 PM
Improve air view: extended range and moveable rotation center
I really hope nobody feels offended by the several wishes I publish. SweetHome3D is really awesome and I am using it regularly for 2 years now. I wish to express my thankfulness for all those who contribute!

Since I am currently spending some serious time planning my home and its environment, I use the aerial view mode a lot. It was asked at least once and found its way into the FAQ -- it is not possible to move the aerial view's rotation center besides setting it to the selected object. A pity. I thought this would be worth a wishlist entry. blushing

I could not yet figure out why the zoom has its range limit. Is is a sphere containing the bounding box? The bounding box of my model is 44x22m and sometimes I wish I could get closer to the house.