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Posted by hsparks3 at Jan 23, 2019, 12:59:19 AM
Re: Print to Scale to PDF without Pagination
I would like to once again ask the question started back in February of 2017. Has there been a solution to the Print to PDF function? As with all the others who have posted here, I am trying to send my output, formated in ARCH-D, to a .pdf and have it end up there as one page. As has been stated many times here, the function splits up the large drawings into multiple pages that can't easily be merged back together. Clearly, the function is using whatever default print driver is set up on the device because that's what it formats to no matter what you do. Also, it is clear that this is independent of OS. We have Windows, MAC and Linux represented here. If there is no fix, will there ever be one. This is unusable for me at this point. thx.