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Posted by Puybaret at Jan 16, 2019, 7:39:45 PM
Sweet Home 3D 6.1

Here's a Beta version of the version 6.1. [Links removed]

This will be mainly a maintenance release with bug fixes and a few improvements:
- Interpreting math expressions when length unit is not cm now works correctly
- It fixes offscreen rendering when depth size is not supported
- It brings a few improvements in the plan: a more efficient management of the cache of top view icons for similar furniture, a correct drawing of top views and multi line texts at large zoom factor, a better management of icons updates within updated groups
- It allows to toggle the selection of an object in the furniture list without unselecting other items in home
- It brings support for mirrors on hinge and rail with sweethome3d_window_mirror_on_hinge_ / sweethome3d_window_mirror_on_rail_ prefixes
- Information about the used memory was added in the About dialog box:

- It also fixes some issues related to right to left orientation used in languages like Arabic or Hebrew. This will allow to welcome soon a new Arabic translation SH3L file prepared by MFM Dawdeh, as shown below.

I will be happy to read your feedback about your tests. Hope you won't find any regression...

[Note from developer: Sweet Home 3D 6.1 was released on January 22, 2019]
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer