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Posted by dorin at Jan 7, 2019, 8:26:13 AM
Multiple paste & Distribute on high (on z axes)
Until we have a stairs generator for me are more useful this two additional tools:
1. Multiple paste... or Paste special...
-Select an object or more
variant a
-Edit->Multiple paste...
-An popup dialog "How many copy?"
-Insert an number (>0)->"OK"
variant b
-Edit->Paste special...
-An popup dialog with few entries
--"How many copy?"
--"Distance on x, y, z"
-Insert the desire numbers (>0)(for axes in cm)->"OK"
result an numbers of objects inserted in the plan.
In this way I don't need to ctrl+v for 50 or 374 times to insert the same object (steps for staircase or chairs on a theater)

2. Distribute on high (on z axes)
-Select and modify the elevation of an object to maximum need
-Select the (previously created) objects (>=3)
-Right click->Align and distribute...->Distribute on high
With this two new option is more easy to create staircases but not only.
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