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Posted by AeowynFraser at Nov 28, 2018 6:13:24 AM
Re: 3-Bedroom 2-bath 2-Story House
I'd like to apologize for the previous post here; I was having trouble getting pictures taken, but there isn't any longer an issue. I've been able to get pictures rendered of the original version of this house, furnished.

Aerial Front. I used at least half as many hedges as before, just made them longer. I decided to take out the one tree in front of the house and have the greenery more symmetrical. I widened the front door. I thickened the gate near the garage and added a second one on the other side of the house as well as added another privacy wall. I changed the chimney.

Aerial Back. I don't believe I made any changes here.

Front entrance.

Just inside the front door.

Great room, two views.

Kitchen, two views.

Guest bedroom, two views.

Guest bathroom, two views.

Laundry room.

Garage, two views.

Back patio, three views. When I went to take the third picture I realized that I'd forgotten to add a porch light next to the door up the stairs so I added it. I then forgot to retake the aerial back picture; that's why there isn't one in the aerial picture.

Overlook and top of the stairs, two views. I just realized as I include this picture here that I have a wall issue (visible in the first picture) that I need to address. Also, I'm thinking of adding some skylights into the slanted roof over the Great room...


Master bedroom.

Main bathroom.

Sewing room/loft, two views.

Floor plan, main floor.

Floor plan, first floor.

Floor plan, attic. I didn't take any pictures of the attic space because I didn't make any changes to it.