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Posted by YGYL at Oct 22, 2018, 4:55:02 PM
biggrin   Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
Today I rendered 16 times to test the difference between the different items in "Advanced settings>Quality 4>samplerAlgorithm" option.

I found that "bucket" rendering is the best quality and takes up the least amount of GPU. "Fast" rendering is the fastest quality consuming GPU.

If you want GPU to take up a little more, I think there is only one way. Render with a fast rendered quadruple resolution. Then use software to reduce the screen size by 4 times.

Original image, not rendered

"bucket"-1000X500 Rendering time, 40 minutes

"fast"-4000X2000 Reduce size 1000X500 Rendering time, 26 minutes

The difference is only in the processing of light and shadow. Square rendering is more natural. But the rendering time for fast rendering is 40% less.

So I recommend
1.adding one in the option, 4x supersampling for fast rendering.
2.And render with smaller squares.
3.Support for rendering pauses.
4.And automatically save the file.
5.Allow rendering of 16000X8000 resolution