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Posted by TalonKarrde at Oct 8, 2018 1:10:58 PM
Re: Before 6.1
Hello Together,

I'm quite new to SH3D, and with the exception from one feature, it's in my opionen the perfect solution to get a draft from your home - A "Profil View" with measurements.

My Goal is to get an offer from different construction companies for my House, but therefore I not only need the ground plan/view with the dimensions/measurements, they also request a so called "Profile View" from he building.

Up to now I wasn't able to get this out of the default view and wasn't able to find a tip or an other valid workaround.

Thus I would higly recommend a this feature.

As far as my java knowledge reach, there is already a method to get every "Wall-Object" on a line.
So it would be sufficient that you can define a point A and a point B in the "Home Plan" View. The line (or more like a slice thats generated) collects the different informations of the objects it's meeting and displays it.
After that one can add the measurements via the "usual" measurement tool.
I even wouldn't mind if the Profil View has to be updated manually.

If anyone needs further explanation or if the description is to short, just let me know, I will gladly write more.

Thank you all in advanced and also lots of thanks for the already great solution!