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Posted by alaX at Oct 1, 2018 3:42:34 PM
Before 6.1
OK, I have to wait until 6.1. In the meantime expect some more wishes ;)

5) Category "All" always on top of the list.

6) Point of view stored with image size or at least width and height values added to the name of point

7) Watermark on rendered images - as an option.

8) Unique hinge.

9) Combination of two or more hinges, hinge+rail, hinge+ball and two or more balls.

10) One, two or three alternative deformations defined by creator - maybe "Modify deformation" and "Store deformation" buttons in Furniture Library Editor. Home.xml shows that for my transformed sofa with hinge and rail two lines were added (matrix) and dimesions changed - FLE could save new dimensions and matrix in .txt or .xml and add properties e.g.:

11)"Store deformation" option for users