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Re: In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit...
Thirty one years earlier
on the evening of January 2nd, nineteen eighty seven, Mr. Pong was sitting at his desk listening to the radio.
Nine years had passed since he had bought an abandoned garage and started importing china from China.
The business had gone well. Another year had passed, and another million earned.
It was time to do the accounts, and that's what he would have been doing – had it not been for this tremendously pleasant voice on the radio.
He was forced to listen.

A man can tell a thousand lies...

Minutes later – instead of doing the accounts – Mr. Pong wrote a letter:

The following months Mr. Pong started to prepare for the great visit.

A billboard was erected

and the surroundings were nicely trimmed.

Things were looking up, and Mr. Pong was only waiting for a special letter to land in his mailbox... any day.