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Posted by bdfd at Sep 25, 2018 7:08:24 AM
confused   Re: Rename furniture
Why does the tool include objects outside buildings ?
Garden, trees, sidewalks,...

Update : it was only on exterior Walls (gutters, windows, doors,...).

The plug-in adds to the name of a piece of furniture only the name of a room in which the center of the furniture is located and one of its corners with a margin of 1cm.
This therefore depends on the position of the furniture in relation to a room, regardless of its type of environment (indoor or outdoor).
Ok for these explanations. smile

But I didn't understand for these... confused

I used plugin v1.4

Case 1
The room has a name : 'Master bathroom'
But the window has no name and NO named group ???
=> all furniture below in the list are in same caseā€¦

Case 2
The room has a name : 'Bedroom 2'
But the window has no name and without named group ???

Case 3
The next room, nearest of previous anomaly has a name : 'Bedroom 3'
It equipped of the same window.
The window has a name like the room ! wink

Can you explain us which is different ?


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