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Posted by harbinger at Sep 24, 2018, 5:22:48 PM
Re: Other rendering quality levels (Advanced settings of photo rendering plug-in)
Disinterring this thread because i'm not finding the answers to a simple question: what do all the parameters mean both in definition and in application?

Can you provide the ranges for the values in each field and some examples of their effects?

I've done some reading in wikipedia (there are some dead-end links in this and other threads here), and gotten an idea of the theory, but i'm still not grasping how values used by this plugin will affect a rendering.

For example, i know what anti-aliasing is and i learned what photon mapping is and the definition of caustics, but what values do i put in the fields of this plugin? Is the 'caustics' value a Boolean, does it need a range between 0 and 1, are the effects linear or exponential (or something else)?

More examples and correct ranges would be very helpful. I would also like to know these parameters' effects on rendering times.