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Posted by alaX at Sep 24, 2018 5:02:45 PM
Before 6.0
1) Aligning furniture - selection order. Objects should align to the last selected one - I'm used to do it this way using other software (2d and 3d). Let's say I have just edited/added furniture (1) and I want align it to another one(2) - I can't use the fact that 1 is still selected and simply shift+click on 2.

2) Merge walls - action opposite to "split wall" (removing expendable point in the middle of wall).

3) Last step in furniture import wizard should look more like 2nd step or "Modify deformation" window - with choice between "perspective", "top view" etc. and maybe "browse" button for external image file. Now furniture rotates around only Z axis and sometimes that's not enough to show the real shapes of my model.

4) Windows start menu - SH3D shows recently opened files (by double clicking in folder, including libraries), I'd prefer list of recently saved projects.