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Posted by Puybaret at Sep 18, 2018, 11:40:03 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 6.0
As the tag for 6.0 wasn't set on source code yet, you should use the following command to get the current source code:

If svn isn't installed on your computer, I'm pretty sure you'll find plenty of helpful documentation on the web.

If you want to set some System properties when running a JAR executable, you should cite the -D option before the -jar option like in:
java -Dcom.eteks.sweethome3d.j3d.ignoreDrawingMode=false -jar /path/to/SweetHome3D-6.0.jar

Caution!! I generally make some tests before committing changes, but during development, source code may still contain some major bug fixes.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer