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Posted by enkonyito at Sep 18, 2018, 5:06:54 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 6.0
It is better to be aware of source code changes to files used by a plug-in to ensure compatibility with future versions of Sweet Home 3D.

This may be due to the #IMPLIED value but the videoSpeed attribute is not visible in the Home.xml file when saving as an old file or creating a new video path with the Beta10.
By adding the videoSpeed attribute in the Home.xml file with a different value from the default one, the speed of movement is slower or faster and therefore the number of images bigger or smaller which increases or decreases the duration of the rendering for a frame rate of 25.

By adding the system property
<property name='com.eteks.sweethome3d.j3d.ignoreDrawingMode' value='false'/>
and the environment attibut
<environment ... drawingMode='OUTLINE' .../>
there is no change in 3D drawing mode , probably due to unauthorized access in Java Web Start.