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Posted by jirka81 at Sep 16, 2018 3:37:58 PM
a couple of wishes
(sorry for my english)

1) layers
- if you have more layers, then JTabbedPane with tabPlacement on top is not best solution (my opinion) - left or right will be better. Or, even better, special table (like list of furniture) - with column: name, elevation and visibility.

2) floating panels
furniture catalog and furniture list could be in floating panels - to move them to another display. (like in gimp or netbeans)

3) with big or detailed model is 3D view slow - please add property "render" - like visibility but used for rendering. Some small object doesn't have to be visible, but must be rendered.

4) allow customize toolbar (add buttons from menu)

5) aerial view
There are two options: center of plan or center of selection. Please add third option - custom point. This point can be visible like a compas and can be freely moved.