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Re: In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit...
As we go on...

... whether one enters the villa by the main entrance – comes up from the ground floor – or enters the first floor coming down the stairs from the second floor,
Mr. Pong's Office will always be their place of entry.
Some people will never get any further than here:
Mr. Pong's Office.

But for those who do, the entire first floor is totally at their disposal.

For some people the pool table will attract attention and establish itself as the ultimate goal...

...whilst for others – people suffering from different mental stimuli – the big sofa in front of the fireplace might appear to be a warmer and more inviting place...

... and then again there are others – there are people finding it a more socially accepted behaviour to descend into one of the cream-coloured leather Corbousiers by
the window. They will bring a dirty Singapore Sling from the Chaplin Bar, and lazily fix their intoxicated gaze upon the variety of seagoing vessels gliding by
– in the moonlighty night.

This is

Mr. Pong
a man not yet introduced.

Mr. Pong prefers to watch the passing vessels from the upstairs terrace.
As it happens, Mr. Pong is presently watching the Ms München – a massive carrier that was reported lost during
a winter storm in the North Atlantic nearly forty years ago.
How can that be?

On December 13. 1978, the Ms München were supposedly hit by a rogue wave , causing it to sink with all hands.
No survivors were fever found.
But contrary to all common belief, there was, however, one single survivor: A stowaway – an illegal Chinese immigrant to Germany – hiding in a container along with
620 cases of wine – too poor to afford a ticket, this was his last and most desperate attempt to get a free passage to America.
Fate ( or predetermination ) would have it that as the ship sank, both the stowaway and the wine container were caught by the Gulf Stream, and floated safely to shore
on the southern coast of Ireland – where a slightly tipsy gentleman found his way to the Moon Bang Poo Thai restaurant in Cork, claiming he had six hundred and nineteen
cases of excellent wine that he was willing to part with – provided the price was right.

Today the stowaway is known as Mr. Pong - the head of Pong Industries – and the wealthiest man of Nakatago - a small state floating in the backwaters of the Philippines.

On the balcony Mr. Pong is reflecting on the past – on how his fortune was made.
Is it an illusion, or is it the Ms München coming back to haunt him?

Who knows... ?