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Posted by okh at Sep 11, 2018, 10:11:50 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 6.0
My only little problem now, is that my list of imported test textures has become ridiculous. Among a few good ones, there are many hundred totally useless, experimental images. smile It would be great if the texture import wizard had a check- box NOT saving an imported texture (other than in the .sh3d file) - like furniture.
..proposed an angle for the sky texture offset, but using a percentage seems more versatile in other cases...
Interesting interface issue considering some recent threads, e.g. Cec' brilliant guide in thread 8832, the Azure home, thread 8828 - and whether to use the compass to 'simulate'. People use different references for orientation and how they see the world. Whether to keep a map North up, or turn the map to align with terrain. Cec' template measures degrees from the point of view of the virtual visitor, whereas I need the compass orientation to read the 3D view.

Even if I in theory would prefer a degree angle sky texture, in practice conversion is easy and it makes no difference. And since percentage is more consistent with other textures and probably easier and more intuitive to use in normal cases, percentage is probably a better interface choice. (But if possible, I agree with ndorigatti that a hint could be a good idea.) And never mind the measure, the important thing is the function that works very well. Thanks again.
<texture attribute='skyTexture' xOffset='0.20833' .../>
<compass northDirection='1.3089969' .../>
<observerCamera yaw='1.3089969' pitch='-0.16801324' .../>
<camera yaw='4.456615' pitch='0.0' .../>
<pieceOfFurniture angle='1.3089969'...'/>