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Posted by okh at Sep 10, 2018 10:43:57 AM
Set starting point of sky texture
For those of us who use real horizons as sky textures, it would be great to be able to set starting point of a sky texture, see thread 8832#40805.
Most of my old panoramas start either South or North. For a new building, there is sometimes a need to adjust the orientation. Yes, this can be done with plan rotation, but drawing gets more difficult when angles are not the magnetic increments of 15°.

Just a value in Home.xml would suffice for my purposes.
<environment ...>
<texture attribute='skyTexture' name='sky360_sh3d6' width='360.0' height='90.0' image='1'/>
Maybe startDirection='1.5708' or even startAngle='1.5708' and endAngle='1.57079999'? Or something.

Just a thought.