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Posted by Mike53 at Sep 8, 2018, 3:55:19 PM
Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
Hi enkonyito.
Hopefully you will be able to help me. I am struggling to use the no.3 light source with 1.5 plug in.
If i rotate it on x axis 90 degrees i get this :-

Good illumination but bad appearance

If i rotate it on x axis 270 degrees i get this :-

No illumination but good appearance

And if i use the icon from the tool bar

very good illumination but poor appearance

and i have no idea what is illuminating the outer frame of the garage door.

The other thing i have noticed is that if you resize or rotate the sources they appear normal in the plan, but, if you then copy / paste them they appear vertical again.
If you'll pardon the pun, i hope you can shed some light on my issues, I am sure i am missing something.