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Posted by okh at Jul 8, 2018, 7:57:42 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 6.0
Still have not been able to find any anomalies in 6.0. No craches, no beta issues.
..have an idea to make it work: if a light source intersects with a rotated part, it sounds logical to make it rotate too...
Should be interesting.
.. better to wait for the final release of version 6.0...
And wait until I get my head around all of these very nice new properties for SH3D models smile. It seems to me that it is now possible to create very good models that will work in any context AND have extra custom features in SH3D. Your work on the axes and pivot points of models, really changes the approach to making good models for SH3D.

Actually I started editing the SVG stuff using proper SVG figures and also changing pressentation slightly now that I know a bit more about SVG paths (and maybe ditching .pdf for proper .html to stick with the non-proprietary approach). Thought of adding something about
- multiple light sources,
- illustrations on window/door properties (sashes/wall distance),
- how to simplify models using your 261 approach,
- and maybe something about Ceciliabr's interesting high-res testing in thread 8292 (but advanced use of lights and optical density may be more in the realm of the rendering/light experts),
- obj g/o prefix sweethome3d_window_mirror and now a full catalogue of excitig new prefixes,
- possibly also price information depending on where 6.0 goes - do not think I want to mention that until I know it will bepart of the default interface (even if it is fully available for advanced users already),
- and maybe mention something about Home.xml. For anyone having edited .xml before, it really is a super fast way of changing furniture properties directly without the FurniturePropertyCatalogue detour.

That said - I will be happy to sum up notes into the mini-guide as a reference (which basically is what it is), if anyone has wishes for putting other cheat-sheets into the manual...

Anyway, I am always surprised when I see your priorities for SH3D development. Good news is that they are always pleasant surprises... I really did not see the 6.0 features coming...

Thanks and good luck with the rest of the implementation.