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Posted by okh at Jul 8, 2018, 2:29:22 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 6.0
You can also use the "Modify openings..." feature to modify articulated lights.
Wow again, I had not thought of that. Yes, there are some possiblities here that are really amazing. Of course, it means that some of us will have to go back and redesign lots and lots of (private) models. Apparently not only windows and doors, but all the lamps too... And come to think of it, I will need to fill my fridge and cupboards.
As soon as an object is deformed, its size can be changed only proportionally...
Quite - thanks for pointing this out discretely. Ignore my previous comment. There you go, one should sometimes read the instructions. smile
..allowing multiple selection in the materials list.
Yes, that would be brilliant. It is sometimes quite timeconsuming to change models with many (similar) surfaces - like the mannequin.
Feel free to try yourself by moving vertices (or adding some) on the existing model in Blender, but it's a very time-consuming task.
Clearly, and I am not sure I have the patience or skill, but the potential is super interesting. And an experienced Blender (or whatever) user, should be able to come up with something. Then again, for my purposes the mannequin is sufficient - putting mannequin(s) in different positions around a construction is a great help in visualising a room at a glance.
..thanks to naming conventions in the 3D model files where are described the various parts of the mannequin, the hinges and their openings, as well as the rails and their sliding parts...
Actually, this all looks very straight-forward. But I will have a problem remembering all of this. Sometimes I have thought about the need for updating the SVG mini manual with advanced properties. With all these new elements to making models, it no longer does SH3D justice.
Finally, I also changed the frame.obj file to use a separated MTL file with clear material names. This kind of object with a double use is already weird enough, not to make it more complicated for beginners! I tend to use predefined colors in the default catalog to simplify code organization, but sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't forget this old habit...
The frame is certainly easier to understand now. But I also would not worry too much about the other models. And I certainly see the rationale for keeping it simple.

So far, no crashes or strange behaviour.

Thanks, this is lots of fun.