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Posted by Ceciliabr at Jun 21, 2018, 10:55:45 AM
Re: Hither and yon?

I have a feeling I should never have brought this up, since the adjustments you made went totally in the wrong direction (for me).

Anyway, up until recently I have been able to use 5.3 for constructing and rendering bigger sceneries.
But if I want to take advantage of the new features introduced in later versions ( texture handling, rotation, lighting etc.), I can not use V5.3.

A preview in v5.3 can look like this:

In v5.7, however, a preview will look like this:

which makes it somewhat challenging to compose a nice picture, having to more or less guess what my composition will look like.

Of course I can still use 5.3 it to compose my pictures, and then copy the coordinates of the virtual visitor manually from 5.3 to 5.7,
and render it with the correct texturing:

But it's a time consuming process going back and forth, opening heavy project files.

As you are pointing out: this has no interest for "the public primarily targeted by Sweet Home 3D".
Exactly; so I'm just wondering:
Do you think the public primarily targeted by Sweet Home 3D would notice any difference if you were to change the frustrum back to what it was in v 5.3?