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Posted by AeowynFraser at May 30, 2018 5:23:34 AM
Re: Small Family Home
Since posting that previous comment, I realized that I'd forgotten to put a path outside the garage side door... then while in the file I decided that I'll enclose the garbage bins on the side like I did on another one of my houses... Then I had an idea for an addition, a small shed-like building, that I could use to (surprise, surprise) have a sewing room... I also made a few cosmetic changes to the driveway and the front walkway... then realized that maybe I should add a sidewalk... I realize that this puts a definite "beginning" to the design while I still don't have a definite "end" to the design in the backyard... biggrin

Aerial Front view.

Virtual visitor view of the side walkway.

Virtual visitor view of half of the back patio, mainly to show off the new addition. That fireplace just doesn't want to render well it seems... Actually, when I went to take this picture, I realized that I'd forgotten a path outside the shed, just as I'd forgotten from the garage, but I didn't want to take the time to retake the other two pictures (although that mistake isn't really noticeable I think).

Virtual visitor view of the "Sewing Shed" (I couldn't come up a better name for it laughing ) From left to right: I've got a corner desk with a hutch, desk lamp, sewing machine, desk chair, filing cabinet, one-wall wardrobe to hold my fabric (I also had to include a wall HVAC unit hidden in there), and a crafting/cutting table with a hanging lamp.

Screenshot of the floor plan.