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Posted by dorin at Apr 16, 2018 11:27:59 AM
Re: Group furniture items in category
In tree view are show the name of last piece at the end of the icons row which sometime could be confusing (not for me).
I try do something with it, may be split long row of icons by it's count, by 10-12 items may be?

Maybe this is a bather solution, count the pieces in row.
Anyway I've already observe few duplicates in mine collections which I've have to clean.
Do not understand this 

Is exactly for what I need this plugin. I have more than 1000 pieces from different sources and some of them are duplicate or pretty similar and also are in different category; some of them have only a different texture and so on. So, this plugin aids me to identify and clean the furniture library.
According to this for me could be useful if in preview I see the name of furniture library and the id number to easily find and modify/delete. But this is for the future; urgency low.
Did you mean move this options to submenu of "Tools" Menu? Or simple rename labels near check-boxes?

I want to say to be the same text as is actually in Preferences.
Meanwhile I've send You another suggestion to move it completely from "Tools" and add it in "Preferences" as I try to improvise in my picture.
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